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What is Amazon Seller Services?

You might have heard about Amazon Seller Services, but have you considered partnering with experts and leverage your business. Lazr10br Infotech is a great way to connect with your niche relevant customers and stacking tools and teams to help you grow and sell products across ecosystems.

Business Consulting

We help you to optimize and enhance your organization to elevate performance and expand possibilities. We can guide you from initial blueprints to end results to stand out in the Amazon ecommerce world.

Lawyer Consulting

Partner with our experts to implement and assist you with strategic, high impacted decisions to stay ahead and expand possibilities. We specialize in accounting advisory experts.

Online Consulting

Online business consultants who have extensive experience in infrastructures, strategy and execution can address all business challenges. We help develop and leverage your business efficiency.

IT Managment

Let us minimize your IT disruptions, effectively monitor and manage clients with industry-leading support, technology and collaboration solutions to empower your modern workforce.

We Provide Best Constellation Services


Years Of Experience

Founder & CEO

Shiv Kumar Rathor

Larz10br Infotech is a team of experts that build beautiful, scalable, be spoke shopping experiences for digital brands. Our technology and tactics help brands optimize ecommerce marketing performance.

President and CEO Shiv Kumar Rathor is responsible for creating, planning and integrating brands vision and strategizing for brands to succeed on Amazon. His unique experience in a diverse, established portfolio helps partners to fulfil and exceed client goals. He integrates service, sales, HR and is passionate about developing solutions that surpass clients objectives.

Mr. Shiv Kumar Rathor
Founder & CEO

We are an Amazon SPN partner and expert.

Our troop of experts develop and execute custom plans to optimize your Amazon business and boost your maximum growth with profitability. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your brand content is clear and informative, optimized for high performance, and designed to increase conversions. From account management to data analytics and warehouse logistics to accounting and administration, we can support your and your customers at every step of the buying process. We are dedicated and understand the brands strategically to drive sales. Our investment inefficient processes and methodologies have leveraged our standards and consistently hit blazing fast delivery metrics.



Our services aim to provide state-of-the-art requirements and stimulate the growth of your business. We dispense a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with the best solutions possible.

Keyword Research

Utilizing proprietary algorithms, we conduct in-depth analysis to target the best relevant keywords that are driving customers by incorporating numerous critical factors like competition and search volume. With analysis and optimizing content, we can boost listings with keywords-focused titles, descriptive bullet points, high-quality images, and more.

Product Review

The best way to capture customers consistently is to sell quality products and increase review volume to solidify your online reputation. We keep a sharp eye on small details and negative reviews and take immediate action towards them. We help you gain authentic reviews and increase your conversion.

Product Optimization

Productoptimizationn is an integral part of an eCommerce marketing campaign as it amplifies the diverse marketing needs and grabs customers into the buying process. We can help elevate your brand presence with flawless execution and custom strategy to optimize your product and get in top listing.

Seller Feedback

Your growth and success depend on getting feedback and reviews from clients. Analyze data and easily track and respond to reviews. Expertly respond to any and all feedback, scale and evaluate reviews and analyze how your customers talk about you online. Looking to sell your products online? Get in touch with us!